Activities 2021

Photos in Videos Tutorial

Monday 15 February 2021

Following on from the successful tutorial about inserting copyright free music into videos, Frank Fahy will present another tutorial on Monday next at 11:00am.

This time, the topic will centre on sourcing PHOTOGRAPHS to accompany your presentations. Be sure not to miss it!

Music in Videos Tutorial

Monday 8 February 2021

A lively and informative tutorial was presented by Frank Fahy on the topic of inserting copyright free music into videos. Many of the short stories and poems written by members of the Write-on group have been transformed by putting WORDS, IMAGES, and MUSIC together in one video package. ‘The ambient music in the background of a video often goes unnoticed,’ said Frank. ‘Yet, it can make a huge difference to people’s perception of the mood or atmosphere of a piece of writing.’

With various examples, Frank showed how to source different genres of music, everything from Hip Hop to Country and Western. There are hundreds of tracks to choose from and it is a simple matter for Write-on authors to select the track that they wish to have played with their piece of writing. The Production team at Write-on will do the rest.

You can see over 100 examples of the Write-on videos under the headings CHRISTMAS 2020, PRESENTATIONS 2020 and PRESENTATIONS 2021 on this website. In fact, there are videos of the authors work in many sections of the website. Why not browse around and take a look… AND ENJOY THE MUSIC!

Here is what one of our members, Jutta Rosen, had to say about the tutorial:

Frank gave a small group of  Write-Oners a Zoom tutorial on how to select background music for their videos from a YouTube source. In an easy, clear presentation, stressing what was really important, he showed us how to access the source via a Gmail account. A file on YouTube.Studio contains thousands of titles, arranged by genre, easy to access and select.

Of major importance is the observation of copyright, since three infringements can result in being banned from the site for ever!

It was a stimulating session, and Frank later sent us a shortened video of the presentation. We can now send our own choice of music to Frank or to Anne together with our videos, and we hope he’ll show us how to combine these ourselves in a future tutorial!

Jutta Rosen

Visit of Bestselling Crime Writer

by Geraldine Warren

Thursday 28 January 2021

Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin aka Sam Blake

It was a thrill to have Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, better known as crime writer Sam Blake, join us for our weekly Zoom meeting on Thursday 28 January. Vanessa has many strings to her bow: No 1 Bestselling Author, Founder & Managing Director Writing.ieThe Inkwell Group & MURDER ONE, Ireland’s International Crime Writing Festival, Board member of the Society of Authors, Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce.

Repro Free:Tuesday 1st September 2015. Picture Jason Clarke.

Her background in publishing and crime writing gave invaluable insights and practical tips to an eager audience. She shared her personal experience as a writer and explained that the craft of writing which most find daunting, is something she actually enjoys.

‘What publishers want is a fresh original strong voice with extremely well developed characters,’ she said. She was attracted to the world of virtual crime because ‘it represents an intellectual challenge, I like solving puzzles and mysteries intrigue me, and that was what stimulated me into writing about crime,’ she said.

Having someone of Vanessa’s calibre was a ‘real coup’ for the Write-on group and we plan to include many more guest writers in 2021.

The group, which is a community non-profit organisation has published an anthology of writing every year since being formed in 2017. New members are welcome and can apply by submitting two samples of their work to

January Mug of the Month

One of the most popular features of our Write-on gatherings is the monthly MUG OF THE MONTH COMPETITION. Anne Murray has taken charge of preparing the entries and her selection of photographs to accompany the pieces have come in for special praise. The reigning champion coming into the new year was Nollaig O’Donnell. There is an unwritten agreement that the current holder of Mugsy does not compete the following month. This ensures that a different winner emerges each month and the competition is not monopolised by any one person.

Mary Rose Tobin won the January Competition by the narrowest of margins. Our Doodle judges were tied in their opinion about the winner until the final vote was cast. Mary Rose celebrated in style with arms aloft and a smile on her face that could be seen from Barna to Brandenburg! Well done again, Mary Rose!

Now, who will be the victor in the month of February? The keywords are TRAIN and TRACK. Entries are travelling in, clickidy-clack, “faster than fairies, faster than witches”. Those members who have not composed their fifty words will need to be nifty. After the deadline, each will be a glimpse, “and gone forever”!

Here is Anne Murray talking about the Mug of the Month Competition:

“I enjoy Mug of The Month. Members write a piece in 50 words or less. Entries must contain two nominated words. The winner becomes the custodian of a specially commissioned perpetual mug which she/he is allowed to keep for a month, before presenting Mugsy to the next victor.
It’s a bit of fun and gets people writing. The competition has grown in popularity during lockdown. The title is hotly contested.



Closing date 21 February 2021.”

For rules of the Competition and further information, including videos of past entries and winners, see the MUG OF THE MONTH section of this website.