What’s on Write-on 12 November 2020

From Sean McGrath’s SONGBOOK 1:

Song: Smokey Grease and Alcohol written by Sean McGrath and performed by Bill Geoghegan

Song: Black Dots on Brown Linoleum written by Sean McGrath and performed by Frank Fahy

Story: A Walk in the Park during Covid-19 by Elizabeth Hannon

Story: Doonass by James Keogh

Story: The Beginning of the End by Anne Murray

Poem: The Art of Conversation by Nollaig O’Donnell

Poem: The Table by Mary Faherty

Poem: Lámh Amach by James Keogh

Galway Photos of the Month feature on Website

Discussion: A Book that Changed your Life

Plus lots, lots more…

See you from 7pm – 9pm on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “What’s on Write-on 12 November 2020

  1. I like the Photo in Galway Photos of the Month. I’m not sure how many have seen the recently done up pathway through the Barna Woods but it is much improved.
    Also, I will be adding my own twist to Sean’s very good song “Smoky Grease & Alcohol”. It will be a different melody.

  2. I just checked the photo.Really like it.Love the contrast of the autumnal colour of leaves and the green of trees. Also like the way the path peters off to Lord knows where. Not in a scary way.
    I feel there’s hope at the end of that path.

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