WOWO Thursday, 7 March 2024, 7-9pm GMT

Our session this Thursday opens with the continuation of Alice Sheridan’s lively village drama, a modern Jane Austen. A new family has moved into the old mansion, the locals gossip about their possible background and their own prospects in relation to the newcomers, while the mysterious inhabitants of Grange Hall keep very much to themselves. How will this tug-of-war between the locals’ gasping thirst for information and the impenetrable screening of all outside nosiness evolve? What is happening at Grange Hall?! To find out, join this Thursday’s Write-On Zoom meeting!

Mary Rose Tobin’s short stories are cabinet pieces of the genre, warm-hearted, pungent, and often with a twist at the end. Who is the Piano Man? What can he teach us? We look forward to hearing and seeing Mary Rose’s presentation in our session.

Jim Keary is our newest member. A successful playwright of long standing, he is presenting excerpts from his works which help the other members to see how dialogue can be used to illustrate characters, settings, unspoken thoughts, development of plot – a useful lesson for all who cherish ‘show, don’t tell’. Welcome, Jim, thanks for joining us and sharing your expertise.

‘Delicate, intriguing, highly poetic, empathetic’ – these are some of the words which aptly describe the poems of Deirdre Anne Gialamas and Mary Hawkshaw. So satisfying to listen to – enjoy their contributions on Thursday evening.

Finally, Frank Fahy is deeply involved in assembling the material for this year’s anthology. Members will be encouraged to contribute to the process this week.

We anticipate presentations of a particularly high standard, and a lively and fruitful evening’s entertainment. All members and guests are welcome!


Short Story Mystery at Grange Hall 3 Alice Sheridan

Short Story Piano Man Mary Rose Tobin

Drama The Other Man’s Grass Jim Keary

Poem The River Mary Hawkshaw

Poem Miriam Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Discussion Write-On Anthology 2025 All Members