WOWO 15 December 2022 Christmas Special

This Thursday our session will begin 15 minutes earlier, at 6.45 GMT, and run on to about 9.15 GMT. Why? It’s our Christmas Special, and a glance at the scheduled programme below will raise the follow-up query: Will that be long enough?!

Guests will be welcome to join us on the night! Friends will supply the Zoom link on request.

Our contributions this week include old favourites, such as ‘Manhattan Christmas Magic’ by Judith Geoghegan or ‘Mam’s Little Clown’ by Nollaig O’Donnell, and new works written specially for the event, examples being ‘The Sorry Christmas Tree’ by Jutta Rosen and ‘Aunt Bibi’s Christmas’ by Geraldine Warren.

A further point of note on this night is that it includes no less than seven genres, which must be a first in our long list of past meetings. Congratulations to all participants!

A special word of thanks is due to Anne Murray for her scores of professional Powerpoint presentations, with animated texts, pictures and background music. They have enhanced every single meeting we’ve had and are sincerely appreciated by all members.

And thanks also to Frank Fahy for running the show. A compère par excellence! Thank you, Frank!

A Happy Christmas to All Members – Past, Present and To Come – and to All Our Guests from

The Write-On Group


Poem A Perfect Day James Conway

Poem Christmas Elizabeth Hannon

Poem Nollaig na mBan Anne McManus

Poem Ago James Conway

Poem Childhood Memory Anne McManus

Poem Orphans of the Dark James Conway

Poem Snow Nollaig O’Donnnell

Poem In Memory of Bells Nollaig O’Donnell

Poem Christmas Eve James Conway

Poem Christmas Miracle Seamus Keogh

Extract Aunt Bibi’s Christmas Geraldine Warren

Short Story Santa’s Secret Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story The Sorry Christmas Tree Jutta Rosen

Short Story Turkeys Don’t Fly Anne Murray

Short Story Mam’s Little Clown Nollaig O’Donnell

Short Story Ordering the Turkey Anne McManus

Play The Christmas Party Joanne Dowling

Memoir Christmas Eve Mary Hodson

Video Mugsy’s Christmas in Kilkenny Kathleen Phelan

Video Santa’s Little Helpers Write-On Members

Song Our Christmas Angel The Pattersons

Song Manhattan Christmas Magic Bill & Judith Geoghegan

Song Silent Night Mary Rose Tobin

Song Have Yourself a Merry Christmas Mary Rose Tobin

WOWO 8 December 2022

Our nine literary contributions this week are the work of six members, an honourable result in view of Christmas laying heavy claims on everyone’s time. We can look forward to five poems, and a further extract from Geraldine’s amusing Aunt Bibi series. Frank’s short stories usually provoke lively discussions, while Mary Hodson, a relatively new and very welcome member, is providing a memoir.

Mug of the Month was won by Kathleen last week, and she is reporting on Mugsy’s sojourn in Kilkenny. Mary is also a relatively new member, and Kilkenny is far away from Mugsy’s home in Galway, so we will be listening carefully!

Frank’s writing challenges have proved very popular – we can expect lively participation in this week’s exercise.

Contributions for next week’s Christmas Special have been and still are pouring in. The evening’s programme requires planning, which is scheduled for this week’s session. The Christmas Special on the 15 December will start at 6.45 and run until about 8.15 GMT.

Finally, should there be time, we can discuss the new look of our website. Suggestions and constructive criticisms are welcome.

Have an enjoyable evening!


Poem The Marathon Brian Ferguson

Poem Freedom Frank Fahy

Poem Father Browne James Conway

Poem The Annual Threat Kathleen Phelan

Poem We Remember (Revised) Brian Ferguson

Extract Aunt Bibi (Extract 4) Geraldine Warren

Short Story The Rendezvous Frank Fahy

Memoir Christmas Eve Mary Hodson

Update Mugsy in Kilkenny Kathleen Phelan

Write-on Challenge A Snap Writing Exercise Created by Frank Fahy

Discussion Ideas for our New Look Website All Members

Planning Write-on Christmas Special All Members