WOWO Thursday, 23 March

Will AI in the form of the new computer software CHATGPT4 make artists – painters, composers or, in our case, writers – redundant? How can we stand up to this new-world form of plagiarism? This worrying topic will be the basis of our discussion on Thursday.

Four poems and two short stories by old-established (or lately rejoined) members will be joined by a novel extract from a new member, Connor O’Donnell, to whom we extend a warm welcome.

Songs are rare offerings for our sessions and always appreciated. Thank you to Michael and Christine O’Dowd for submitting yours.

The deadline for Mug of the Month entries is approaching: Sunday 26 March. The Key Words are BOX and RING. Send to Anne Murray :

Looking forward to another stimulating and entertaining session of Write-On!


Discussion CHATGPT4 – a treat or a threat for writers? Open to all Members

Poem New Poem Thomas MacMahon

Poem The Passing Year Elizabeth Hannon

Poem The Rescue Frank Fahy

Poem Summer Symphony Ciara Keogh

Short Story Seville Oranges Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story A Fateful Meeting Elizabeth Hannon

Novel Extract Digging Connor O’Donnell

Song Love Songs Michael & Christine O’Dowd

Other Items Still time to submit more articles Open to all members