WOWO Thursday 16 May 2024, 7-9pmGMT

Our session this Thursday opens with a discussion about the new ChatGPT4o and the opportunities, inspiration and creative processes it offers writers. Once again our Write-On Zoom meeting allows our members to experience revolutionary new technology and techniques which they might not encounter at first hand otherwise.

In our third last session for this Write-On season, Deirdre Anne Gialamas shows her prolific creativity with four short stories. Laced with humour and mystery, they are all sure to captivate and entertain her listeners; nonetheless, she can also expect constructive comments and helpful feedback, an essential component of our Write-On community.

Frank Fahy‘s beautifully crafted stories are always a pleasure to read. Human nature, its weaknesses and strengths are what moves his characters, allowing us all to identify with them. Not to be missed.

Kathleen Phelan‘s and Elizabeth Hannon‘s poems this evening are characterised by special sensitivity to the passing of time and how this affects us and our memories.

Seamus Keogh‘s poem opens our eyes and senses to a wider view of war in Palestine as contrasted with the tranquility of life in Ireland, a poignant reminder of what it means to lose one’s home.

Finally, by careful proofreading all members can participate in the shaping of our Anthology 2025, the collection of the past writing season’s best offerings. Hints and help will again be offered in this session.

For all our members and guests: have an enjoyable, entertaining and instructive two hours in our Write-On zoom meeting this Thursday!


Discussion Launch of ChatGPT4o All Members

Short Story Breaking Altitude Frank Fahy

Short Story Mrs O’Donovan’s Dublin Delight Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Short Story The Shiny Red Couch Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Short Story Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Short Story A Long Hot Summer Deirdre Anne Gialamas

Poem Marine Blue Sky Seamus Keogh

Poem Blessing Kathleen Phelan

Poem The Stolen Kiss Elizabeth Hannon

Discussion Proofreading Write-On Anthology 2025 All Members