About Us

Write-on is a Community Group

Voluntary, not-for-profit organisation. There is no charge to the authors for the set-up costs or for the publication costs of these books. All monies made from sales of books, membership, or other activities are ploughed back into the Group for future publications and literary events. In this way, we can continue to publish more books for other members in the future.

Since 2017

The Write-on Group was founded when four or five people decided to get together every Thursday evening to share their writings.

More than 20 Members

Since moving to Zoom during lockdown, Write-on has attracted new members from all over the world.

Worldwide Contacts

People of all ages from Ireland joined the group at first. Now we have members from USA, Germany, Australia, and we invite new members to join.

Write-on members support each other. We encourage everyone to write to the best of their ability. The ethos of the group is to offer constructive advice and encouragement. Many people who never dreamed of being published have had their work produced in our annual Write-on Anthologies. Next year, it could be YOU!

Frank Fahy

Our History

Culture Night

In September of each year, to coincide with Culture Night, we publish an Anthology of the best of our writing throughout the year. These Anthologies have grown in size and popularity over the years. We are currently collecting material for the Write-on Anthology 2024.

Our Publications

As well as producing the annual Anthology, we also honour certain of our members who have created a body of work of a sufficiently high standard to merit its own publication. To date, we have published six of these books, BUILDING NEW BRIDGES by Frank Fahy; NEW DAWN by Anne McManus; OUT OF THE BLUE by Elizabeth Hannon; A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES by Anne McManus; A Compendium of Poems and Short Stories by Anne McManus; and SISTERS by Seamus Keogh.