WOWO 23 May 2024

A Bond Through Time by Mary Rose Tobin
Explore the depths of enduring friendship in Mary Rose Tobin’s touching short story, “A Bond Through Time.” Through vivid memories and poignant reflections, the narrative delves into themes of loss, resilience, and the intricate bonds that shape our lives.

The White Cliffs of Dover by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
Embark on a quest for freedom and self-discovery in “The White Cliffs of Dover.” Follow Candice as she leaves her home and boyfriend Max, navigating inner turmoil and ultimate realization. Deirdre Anne Gialamas masterfully captures themes of love, identity, and belonging through evocative descriptions.

A Delicate Bond by Mary Hawkshaw
Mary Hawkshaw’s introspective poem, “A Delicate Bond,” explores the fragile nature of love and truth. Through nuanced verses, she ponders the interplay between words and emotions, emphasizing the power of silence over empty promises.

Coming Home by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
In “Coming Home,” Deirdre Anne Gialamas tells the poignant story of an elderly couple returning to their homeland after fifty years abroad. Facing disappointment and isolation, their journey culminates in a somber reflection on belonging and the passage of time.

Writer’s Block by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
Experience the transformative journey of a struggling writer in the narrative poem, “Writer’s Block.” After a fire forces him to relocate, he finds hope and inspiration in a new environment, overcoming his creative block and rekindling his passion for writing.

Merry Masked Christmas by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
Reflect on the unique challenges of celebrating Christmas during a pandemic with “Merry Masked Christmas.” This timely poem emphasizes resilience and collective effort in combating COVID-19, urging readers to stay vigilant and hopeful for a safe and merry holiday season.

Join us for an enriching session filled with captivating stories and thought-provoking poetry. Let’s make this penultimate meeting a memorable one!

WOWO 22 February 2024

‘A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.’ – Richard Bach

WRITING TIP OF THE DAY: Dialogue in writing should be concise and impactful. It must advance the story or develop the character, not just fill space. Listen to real conversations to capture the rhythm and nuance of authentic speech.

WOWO 9 November 2023

An Evening of Storytelling and Poetry

Join us on this vibrant November night as the Write-on community gathers for an engaging session filled with new literary pieces that promise to stir the soul and ignite the imagination. Here’s what we have in store for the evening:

Featured Stories

  • “The Mare” by James Berry
    Through Mártan Ó Ciardha’s narrative prowess, James Berry’s tale emerges from the shadows of history. Set against the stark aftermath of the Great Famine, this story weaves a connection through time, tethered by the voice of an ancestor and the echoes of survival.
  • “The Site” by Joanne Dowling
    Dowling’s piece offers a profound connection to the land, peeling back the soil of the present to reveal the rich history beneath. It’s a journey into the heart of heritage, where every layer holds a story waiting to be told.
  • “The Lady in the Blue Dress” by Mary Hodson
    A figure shrouded in the mystery of local legend steps forward in Hodson’s narrative. This story blurs the lines between the seen and the unseen, the known and the mysterious, compelling us to look closer at the whispers of folklore that color our existence.

Poetic Reflections

  • “Finding a Cure (Working title)” by Frank Fahy
    Fahy brings forth a piece that navigates the depths of human emotion and the quest for healing in a world that’s both beautiful and scarred by the trials of life.
  • “Scent of a Sinner” by Seamus Keogh
    In Keogh’s verses, we find a poignant examination of human frailty and the redemptive power of embracing one’s own imperfections.

Tonight’s Verse

  • “A Falling” by Mary Hawkshaw
    Hawkshaw captures the ephemeral nature of moments slipping through our fingers, urging readers to grasp the beauty of the transient.
  • “Talking to a Bird” by Mary Hawkshaw
    A dialogue between human and nature unfolds in this piece, where Hawkshaw reveals the wisdom and solace found in our feathered companions’ song.

A Gathering of Minds

Our session extends beyond the written word, as it’s also an evening of connection and discussion. We welcome the insightful commentary of our members and the shared joy of celebrating each new publication.

Special Announcement

We are especially excited for the upcoming reception in the Cuban Hotel to honour Mary Rose Tobin for her triumph at the Hanna Greally International Short Story Award—a milestone for both her and the Write-on community. The event starts at 3:00pm. It promises a symphony of words and melodies, with the accompanying talents of Grit Metsch and Bill Geoghegan, adding a harmonious backdrop to our festivities.

For more details on tonight’s session and other Write-on events, please visit our website at

Keep the Conversation Going

Remember, our Write-on sessions are a weekly affair, every Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm. Let’s continue to weave narratives and craft verses that resonate and remain, long after the evening ends.

Note: For any inquiries or submissions for the next session or newsletter, please reach out to us at


Book Launch on Wednesday next 14 June

🎉Clear your calendars!🎉

In a fusion of literary enchantment and vibrant celebration, Write-on proudly presents the grand launch of ‘A Father’s Love and Other Stories’, the stirring collection of twenty-two short stories penned by the gifted Frank Fahy! The event is taking place at Súil Eile Coffee and Wellness Centre, nestled in the charming heart of Barna on Wednesday, June 14. Be sure to join us from 4pm to 6pm for an event that promises to be nothing short of spectacular!

✨This is no ordinary book launch. It’s an explosion of creativity!💫 Our eclectic schedule features readings from the book, poetry performances, the strumming of guitars, and soulful singing! Prepare to be captivated and charmed as Frank’s writing springs to life against a backdrop of musical harmonies. The ‘craic’ will be mighty indeed, and you won’t want to miss a minute!

☕️Come early, get comfy with a warm cup of coffee, and be one of the first to purchase a freshly minted hardback or paperback book. A treasure in itself, every copy will be signed by Frank himself!

📚But wait, there’s more!

🎂Coincidentally, our event is sharing the limelight with Frank’s 70th birthday! Yes, amidst all the enchanting stories and melodious tunes, there will undoubtedly be a hearty chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ when the singing begins!

🔖Here’s the best part. Write-on is a not-for-profit group, and every cent from the sales of these books goes directly back to our organisation. Your support doesn’t just get you a fantastic book, it keeps the Write-on engine running, enabling future publications and fostering writing activities. 📝

So, let’s gather to honor the talent of Frank, support Write-on, and enjoy an unforgettable celebration! Mark your calendars for Wednesday 14 June and be a part of literary history in the making!

🎊See you there!

The Write-on Group

Wednesday 14 June 2023

4pm – 6pm

WOWO 6 April 2023

This week sees a surge in Short Stories – some old and some new – from Mary Rose, James, Elizabeth, and Frank.

We have several new poems as well featuring Kathleen, Elizabeth, Ciara, Thomas, and Emily. The old Leaving Cert Question ‘COMPARE AND CONTRAST’ will be resurrected to discuss a set of poems. First, we will look at FRIENDSHIP and contrast it with WILTING POINT. Then we will compare THE PASSING YEAR with SUMMER SYMPHONY. How do the poets present similar or contrasting themes?

Song number 3 in the Quintet from Michael and Christine O’Dowd is called BLUER THAN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS. These songs are produced to the highest quality by the O’Dowd family and are a highlight of our weekly meetings.

Of course, the WOWO list is never complete until the session opens at 7pm on Thursday – there are usually some surprises in store.



Short Story Seville Oranges Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story Ennisdrum James Conway

Short Story Jimmy Brady Frank Fahy

Short Story A Fateful Meeting Elizabeth Hannon


Poem Metamorphosis Kathleen Phelan

Poem Friendship Thomas MacMahon

Poem Driving License Kathleen Phelan

Poem The Passing Year Elizabeth Hannon

Poem Wilting Point Emily Hanrahan

Poem Summer Symphony Ciara Keogh


Song Bluer than the Blue Ridge Mountain Michael and Christine O’Dowd

WOWO 13 October 2022

Members of Write-on are still recovering from the realisation that we have received almost 1,950 views for our Culture Night 2022 event on YouTube. With a bit of encouragement and by spending the word far and wide, we have no doubt that we will hit the 2,000 mark before too long. Well done to everyone who contributed!

This week’s meeting features new writing from Frank Fahy, Elizabeth Hannon, Joanne Dowling and James Conway.

New Writing

Short Story: A Father’s Love by Frank Fahy

Extract from Novel – Chapter 1 (Revised) by Joanne Dowling

Memoir: Uncle Jim by Elizabeth Hannon

Poem: Romany by James Conway

Discussion: Naming of Parts (1942) by Henry Reed – presented by Jutta Rosen

We also have a feature whereby members can discuss Stories, Poems, Songs, Magazine Articles that left an impression on them. We will investigate these works to find out what makes them special and why they stood out in people’s memories. All in all, it will be a lively session and we hope to have as many members as possible in attendance.

WOWO 1 September 2022

Please note that this week’s session will start at 7:30pm and not at the usual time of 7:00pm. This is due to circumstances beyond our control. Our weekly Thursday sessions will commence at 7:00pm for the remainder of the season.

Welcome back everyone to our new season of Write-on sessions. Last Thursday we held our AGM and we are pleased to announce that the group is in a healthy state. Donations from members are helping us to plan our publishing programmes for 2023/24 and we have a steady stream of new members who are most welcome. They keep the group lively and fresh with new ideas, new styles of writing and an enthusiasm to learn from our established members.

The emphasis of our first session will focus on new members. We are hoping that they will accept the various challenges that Write-on presents for them. In the first instance, we would like the new members to acquaint themselves with PowerPoint presentations. It would be a huge help to Anne Murray and Frank if more people could present their work using PowerPoint.

The unseen and added benefit of manicuring your work in this fashion means that more care and attention is given to the written word. The authors must discipline themselves to read what they have written, to edit what they have written, and to present it in a thoughtful and correct way. There is no point in writing the first thing that comes into one’s head, slapping it down on a page, and expecting others to polish the work up to an acceptable standard. Members, old and new, must take care of their own material, respect it, and present it with care and a good deal of thought.

To help people to get to grips with the PowerPoint programme, there is a new series of tutorials available on this website under the heading TUTORIALS. By watching and experimenting with the hints and tips given in Tutorials 1-5, members will become familiar with the magic that can be created using PowerPoint. It is very important that all members have the most up-to-date PowerPoint package, otherwise the features will not work.

So, treat yourself! Get up-to-date and avail of the help that you will receive from your friends and colleagues in Write-on.

Frank Fahy
 WOWO (What’s On Write-on)1 September 2022
01Welcome New MembersAll members
02Introduction to published Write-on booksMary Rose Tobin
03A Quick Look at PowerPoint TutorialsFrank Fahy
04The making of Pecking OrderFrank Fahy
05Poem: Coat RackTara Lane
06Non-fiction: When I Get Older…Brian Thomas Ó hÚrdail
07Poem: Memories Seamus Keogh
08Poetry Book: Of Dandelions and Crooked Lines –– a celebration of published bookCelia Scully
09Write-on Culture Night 2022 –– update on preparations for even on 23 SeptemberFrank Fahy