Mug of the Month

50-Word Challenge

Once a month, the members of the Write-on group have a bit of fun with the 50-Word Challenge. The rules are simple: write a short piece, no more than 50 words, containing two ‘trigger’ words – which are assigned at the beginning of the exercise.

Mug of the Month is a great learning tool in disguise. It prepares members to enter external competitions, which of course Write-on members are encouraged to do. There is the discipline of a deadline and the constraint of keeping one’s writing to a small word count which improves the economy of one’s writing. Members experience the  process of competing; the feelings of rejection, and the accolades of winning – all in the safe environment of their very own Write-On group.

Here are some examples of the 50-Word Challenge entries. A specially engraved coffee mug was procured to act as a winning trophy. The Write-on member whose entry garners the most votes from their peers gets temporary possession of the mug and the accolade of being known as ‘The Write-on Mug of the Month!’