Nail-biting Finish to November Mug of the Month Competition 2021

This month’s MOTM Competition was a hard-fought contest with nine superb entries using the keywords BELT and BRACE. The electronic voting process added to the excitement by keeping us in suspense with its state-of-the-art calculation algorithms. When the bytes settled, it churned out the results. In first place was Elizabeth Hannon. Oh no! In first place was also Jutta Rosen! It was a draw! The victorious poets declined the offer of a play-off, generously agreeing to accept the lesser title of Mug of the Fortnight! When it was mooted that we should have another Mug of the Month Competition on 16 December, the winners protested fiercely at this threat to their newly acquired elevated status.

‘Bad enough to only possess Mugsy for two weeks; now you want to deprive us of the honour after only 16 days!’

Needless to say, the Mug will be in their joint possession until the end of January 2022.

To watch the enthralling competition, go to the Mug of the Month section of this website.