Book Launch on Wednesday next 14 June

🎉Clear your calendars!🎉

In a fusion of literary enchantment and vibrant celebration, Write-on proudly presents the grand launch of ‘A Father’s Love and Other Stories’, the stirring collection of twenty-two short stories penned by the gifted Frank Fahy! The event is taking place at Súil Eile Coffee and Wellness Centre, nestled in the charming heart of Barna on Wednesday, June 14. Be sure to join us from 4pm to 6pm for an event that promises to be nothing short of spectacular!

✨This is no ordinary book launch. It’s an explosion of creativity!💫 Our eclectic schedule features readings from the book, poetry performances, the strumming of guitars, and soulful singing! Prepare to be captivated and charmed as Frank’s writing springs to life against a backdrop of musical harmonies. The ‘craic’ will be mighty indeed, and you won’t want to miss a minute!

☕️Come early, get comfy with a warm cup of coffee, and be one of the first to purchase a freshly minted hardback or paperback book. A treasure in itself, every copy will be signed by Frank himself!

📚But wait, there’s more!

🎂Coincidentally, our event is sharing the limelight with Frank’s 70th birthday! Yes, amidst all the enchanting stories and melodious tunes, there will undoubtedly be a hearty chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ when the singing begins!

🔖Here’s the best part. Write-on is a not-for-profit group, and every cent from the sales of these books goes directly back to our organisation. Your support doesn’t just get you a fantastic book, it keeps the Write-on engine running, enabling future publications and fostering writing activities. 📝

So, let’s gather to honor the talent of Frank, support Write-on, and enjoy an unforgettable celebration! Mark your calendars for Wednesday 14 June and be a part of literary history in the making!

🎊See you there!

The Write-on Group

Wednesday 14 June 2023

4pm – 6pm