WOWO 01 February 2024, 7-9pm GMT

Three new publications have been scheduled for Write-On this year. Mary Rose Tobin’s outstanding collection of short stories ‘The Life and Times of Jimmy Mullins’ appeared recently; our annual anthology will be published later this year; and now our new persona Olga Peters’ novel ‘A Normal couple’ is going to print. Our members have been following the evolution of this work for many months, and we might get a glimpse of the cover design this evening. So this should be an exciting moment for everyone!

Eileen Miller has already independently published a volume of poems by Patrick Kelly paying tribute to his love for Connemara. Tonight she will be presenting the background to this venture, from the first flicker of an idea to the birth of this exquisite anthology.

Grit Metsch, our resident and dedicated song writer, has written and composed a beautiful new lyric about love and closeness in the changing seasons of the year. We can look forward to hearing and talking about this unusual work this evening.

A topic which has resulted in reactions ranging from heated to fascinated is the use of AI in creating or improving texts. Tonight Mary Rose Tobin will be showing how she created a story and images using ChatGPT and Dall-E. We can expect another lively discussion!

And not to forget this evening’s literary offerings, which include short stories and poems from new, recently new, and established members of our very active group.

We wish all viewers an entertaining and stimulating meeting!

P.S. The meeting in two week’s time will take place one day sooner, on Wednesday February 14 (St Valentine’s Day!), at the usual time.


SongFor you, for usGrit Metsch
Short StoryNew GirlsAnne McManus
Short StoryThe StormJoanne Dowling
Short StoryA Mother’s DilemmaKathleen Phelan
Short StoryWorlds ApartJosephine McCann
PoemOne Field, Once MoreJames Conway
PoemBig HairDeirdre Gialamas
DemonstrationCreating a story with ChatGPT and Dall-EMary Rose Tobin
PublicationNew cover for Olga Peters’ novelFrank Fahy
PublicationDerryclare and Other PoemsEileen Miller