WOWO 09 February 2023

On Thursday we will be talking about Alice Munroe’s brilliant short story The Moons of Jupiter, which our members have been asked to read. They have been invited to select a passage or an aspect of the story that they believe might be useful to them – and other members – in their own texts.The idea is to find techniques, for example the author’s use of time shifts, direct and indirect speech, or descriptive elements, which can help us in our own writing.

A non-fiction book by one of our members is an unusual contribution. Congratulations to Michael O’Dowd, who will tell us how he came to write this book and will read excerpts from it.

Another very welcome special is a new story by Anne Murray. We look forward to it!

Finally, a short story by Frank Fahy, held over from past weeks, and two new poems by Seamus Keogh and James Conway will provide even more material for enjoyment and discussion on Thursday.

A profitable and engaging evening to all our members and guests!

P.S. Sunday week, 19 February, is the deadline for submissions to the Mug of the Month Contest. The key words are ARM and HAND. A text with no more than 50 words should be submitted to


Discussion The Moons of Jupiter by Alice Munroe Open to all Members

Poem Queen of the Sidhe Seamus Keogh

Poem Caribbean Colours James Conway

Short Story Big Brother Frank Fahy

Short Story Bicycle Trips Anne Murray

Non-fiction Book James Marion Sims – The Facts Michael O’Dowd