WOWO 1 September 2022

Please note that this week’s session will start at 7:30pm and not at the usual time of 7:00pm. This is due to circumstances beyond our control. Our weekly Thursday sessions will commence at 7:00pm for the remainder of the season.

Welcome back everyone to our new season of Write-on sessions. Last Thursday we held our AGM and we are pleased to announce that the group is in a healthy state. Donations from members are helping us to plan our publishing programmes for 2023/24 and we have a steady stream of new members who are most welcome. They keep the group lively and fresh with new ideas, new styles of writing and an enthusiasm to learn from our established members.

The emphasis of our first session will focus on new members. We are hoping that they will accept the various challenges that Write-on presents for them. In the first instance, we would like the new members to acquaint themselves with PowerPoint presentations. It would be a huge help to Anne Murray and Frank if more people could present their work using PowerPoint.

The unseen and added benefit of manicuring your work in this fashion means that more care and attention is given to the written word. The authors must discipline themselves to read what they have written, to edit what they have written, and to present it in a thoughtful and correct way. There is no point in writing the first thing that comes into one’s head, slapping it down on a page, and expecting others to polish the work up to an acceptable standard. Members, old and new, must take care of their own material, respect it, and present it with care and a good deal of thought.

To help people to get to grips with the PowerPoint programme, there is a new series of tutorials available on this website under the heading TUTORIALS. By watching and experimenting with the hints and tips given in Tutorials 1-5, members will become familiar with the magic that can be created using PowerPoint. It is very important that all members have the most up-to-date PowerPoint package, otherwise the features will not work.

So, treat yourself! Get up-to-date and avail of the help that you will receive from your friends and colleagues in Write-on.

Frank Fahy
 WOWO (What’s On Write-on)1 September 2022
01Welcome New MembersAll members
02Introduction to published Write-on booksMary Rose Tobin
03A Quick Look at PowerPoint TutorialsFrank Fahy
04The making of Pecking OrderFrank Fahy
05Poem: Coat RackTara Lane
06Non-fiction: When I Get Older…Brian Thomas Ó hÚrdail
07Poem: Memories Seamus Keogh
08Poetry Book: Of Dandelions and Crooked Lines –– a celebration of published bookCelia Scully
09Write-on Culture Night 2022 –– update on preparations for even on 23 SeptemberFrank Fahy