WOWO 10 November 2022

This week we continue with the new series of Write-On Challenges. The set task was to write a character description of no more than 100 words. We look forward to interesting and enlightening examples of this technique.

A futher challenge for next week will also be introduced and explained. Using the Write-On Sessions to broaden our writing skills is a welcome addition to our range of activities on Thursday nights!

The MOTM deadline is November 20, with the keywords WATCH and PLAN, which allow a myriad number of interpretations.



  1. Character development Anne Murray
  2. Character development Jutta Rosen
  3. Character development Kathleen Phelan
  4. Character development Mary Hodson
  5. Character development Celia Scully
  6. Character development Geraldine Warren
  7. Character development James Conway
  8. Character development Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story The Story Snatcher Frank Fahy

Discussion Writing intimate scenes in poetry, short stories and novels All members