WOWO 13 January 2022

After the Christmas Break, some of us are still sluggish and find it hard to get back into a writing rhythm. To help those suffering with the dreaded ‘Writer’s Block’, a Write-on Challenge will be presented tonight. The entire plot of a story (poem) will be given to you. All you have to do is to think up how the story might end. Simple!

Why not put the Writing Blues behind you. Get writing tonight! Take the Write-on Challenge!

The Treasurer will provide a Box of Roses to the person who writes Story Poem or Song that best captures the spirit of the Competition!

Four stories and three poems are on the agenda for our next session.

SHORT STORY: The Stained Collar, by Seamus Keogh

SHORT STORY: The Yellow Van, by Nollaig O’Donnell

POEM: Bold and Sweet, by James Conway

POEM: A Place for Hiding, by James Conway

POEM: Manchurian Candidate, by James Conway

SHORT STORY (non-fiction): Songs that Live in our Hearts, by Michael O’Dowd

STORY: WORK IN PROGRESS: Eva and Franz at the concert, by Jutta Rosen

In addition: Discussion of a proposed Newsletter for Write-On

As creative minds are gradually recovering from the stress of Christmas and New Year celebrations under Covid conditions, we can look forward to a flow of new offerings in the coming weeks.

And don’t forget: Mug of the Month is on the horizon. Deadline for entries is Sunday, January 23rd, with the inspiring key words: drink & drop!