WOWO 14 October 2021

We have another interesting session lined up for Thursday evening. Isn’t it great to have new material each week? The writers in the group never let us down and as some take a back seat, recovering no doubt from the exhaustion of having written too many poems and stories, others are ready to keep the sessions going with their offerings.

So, a question that each member might like to ask themselves: When is the last time that you wrote a really satisfying Short Story or Poem? If you have slipped out of the habit of writing, the onset of darker days of Autumn and Winter might inspire you to take up pen and paper (or laptop) again and let your mind wander into that wonderful world of creativity that you once explored.

And Song Writers! There’s no escape for you! Have you given thought to creating a musical extravaganza or a simple ballad? Don’t forget about our inaugural Write-on Song Contest which will be held in April. The prize of a fantastic Mug awaits the winner. Get composing!

And if that isn’t enough inspiration for you, what about writing your entry for October MUG OF THE MONTH?

The keywords are: STAND and STICK.

Here is the menu for What’s On Write-on (WOWO) for this week.

POEM: Lovers Entwined by Thomas MacMahon

POEM: Before the Reign by Ciara Keogh

POEM: Seasons by James Keogh

POEM: All Her World by James Conway

SHORT STORY: A Dilemma by Anne Murray

SHIORT STORY: Kingston by James Conway