WOWO 14 September 2023, 19.00-21.00 GMT

Our session this week is influenced by the excitement in the run-up to Culture Night 2023, which will take place on Friday, September 22. Our members have produced a two-hour video of our activities, with short portraits of themselves and where they live, as well as extracts from their works. In ‘A Tapestry of Words’ you will be transported from Galway to Dublin, from Kilkenny to Germany, from Australia to the U.S.! The film can be viewed on YouTube on September 22 from 7pm GMT – for further details please see the Newsletter Page of this website.

In case you are particularly interested in watching any one contribution, below is a list of the times when individual writers appear in the video, identifiable by their place of residence. However, the rich diversity of poetry, memoir extracts, novel excerpts and songs offer a full evening of entertainment of a very high standard. So be prepared to settle back and enjoy the show!

19:00:00 President Michael D. Higgins
19:01:16 A Tapestry of Words
19:01:41 Galway County Council
19:02:14 Westport, County Mayo
19:07:00 Roundstone, County Galway
19:13:36 Galway City
19:22:50 Kilkenny City
19:32:03 Terryland Forest Park, Galway
19:36:15 Moycullen, County Galway
19:43:44 Queensland, Australia
19:47:28 Oughterard, County Galway
19:51:02 Connecticut, USA
19:54:38 Silverstrand, Galway
19:58:45 Maunsells Park, Galway
20:05:43 Dromahair, County Leitrim
20:14:31 Brandenburg, Germany
20:20:07 Dublin
20:25:38 The Burren, County Clare
20:30:26 Barna Woods, Galway
20:33:27 Barna Community Support (1)
20:34:27 Boise, Idaho, USA
20:36:00 Furbo, County Galway
20:43:10 Barna Community Support (2)
20:43:08 Love Songs
20:49:46 Most Popular Book in Barna?
20:51:38 Write-on Publications

This week's session offers a writing challenge involving character development for our members. We can look forward to no fewer than seven original poems, including one by our welcome new member Anyta Freeman. We are pleased to welcome another new member, Therese McManus, who is contributing a short story. In addition, discussions are planned on organisational aspects of our group.

We wish all viewers an enjoyable and profitable evening!

Discussion: Character Descriptions - Open to all Members
Challenge 1: Writing Task based on Character Descriptions - Open to all Members
Story: The Blue Cow - Therese McManus
Poem: Poet On A Train - ANON
Poem: My Little Beach – Ciara Keogh
Poem: Missing My Home – Kathleen Phelan
Poem: It Makes No Sense – Seamus Keogh
Poem: Fragility in Life – Thomas MacMahon
Poem: Christmas in Renvyle - Thomas MacMahon
Poem: The Ritual - Anyta Freeman
Discussion: How to get more viewers to watch our Culture Night Event - Open to all Members
Discussion: Consider changing publication of Anthology to every two years - Open to all Members