WOWO 16 December 2021 – XMAS SPECIAL

Christmas is just round the corner and the tension is rising. This Thursday’s mega session is playing its part in providing even more excitement, with Christmas music, songs, stories, memories and poems. Plus lots of laughs and perhaps some surprises! Make sure you’ve put out the cat and fed the family before we begin, because we’ll be going into overtime!

Without further ado, here is the long list of presentations.

  1. Silent Night Zazz by Mary Rose Toibin
  2. Christmas 2006 by Elizabeth Hannon
  3. The Holly and the Ivy by Michael O’Dowd
  4. Charity Shop by Mary Rose Toibin
  5. Christmas (poem) by Elizabeth Hannon
  6. Christmas Miscellany by Anne McManus
  7. The Pattersons: Our Christmas Angel
  8. Christmas 2009 by Elizabeth Hannon
  9. Journey’s End by Nollaig O’Donnell
  10. Bernie Mulligan’s Christmas Song
  11. Christmas Eve by James Conway
  12. Christmas 2014 by Elizabeth Hannon
  13. Kindly Light by Nollaig O’Donnell
  14. Christmas Long Ago by James Conway
  15. Christmas 2021 by Elizabeth Hannon
  16. Christmas Miracle by James Keogh