WOWO 17 February 2022

The deadline for submitting your text to win February’s Mugsy is looming: Sunday 20th is the final date for Mug of the Month entries. So don’t delay, put off, postpone, wait for a better day – NOW is the time to set pen to paper and crank up the inspiration. Key words: BRUSH and SWEEP. – We look forward to posting a long list of contestants on this site next week.

Last week’s session was so packed with discussion and texts that not all scheduled items could be presented. So there will be some familiar titles in this week’s list. Again non-fiction predominates.

We can expect another interesting, inspiring and entertaining session!


Non-fiction An Irish Odyssey Michael O’Dowd

Novel The Stained Collar Seamus Keogh

Story Across a Crowded Room Joyce Butcher

Story Maggie O’Donnell Geraldine Warren

Story The Yellow Van Nollaig O’Dowd

Report Historical Fiction Mary Rose Tobin

Classic Story Review An Incident – Lu Hsun Frank Fahy