WOWO 17 November 2022

After last week’s interesting and instructive presentation of ‘Character Description and Development’ sketches by our members, and Frank’s guidelines excerpted from ‘Story Genius’ by Lisa Cron (2016 Ten Speed Press, Berkeley), a new challenge is due on Thursday: ‘Writing a Love Scene’! Seven brave people have taken the plunge, opened their hearts and entered their results. It promises to be an unusual and particularly tingling session!

Third time lucky for Frank Fahy’s short story: ‘Love Story – The Story Snatcher’? Though scheduled in the two previous sessions, lack of time thwarted its presentation. In view of the coming evening’s challenge, it seems this story must get a hearing on Thursday!

Finally, after his beautiful poem last week, we can look forwarfd to two further items, a short story and a poem, by Brian Ferguson.

Reminder: The Mug of the Month deadline is looming: next Sunday is the 20th! The key words for your poem or text (max. 50 words excluding the title) are WATCH and PLAN



  1. Advice for a Bride Anne Murray
  2. What is Love? Mary Hodson
  3. Heirloom Kathleen Phelan
  4. When Love Came Between Them Geraldine Warren
  5. Love Scene Mary Rose Tobin
  6. Love Joanne Dowling
  7. Perfect End to a Busy Day Anne Murray
  8. London Lights Mary Hodson
  9. Love Scene Seamus Keogh

Short Story Love Story – The Story Snatcher Frank Fahy

Short Story Gradual Reintroduction Brian Ferguson

Poem The Marathon Brian Ferguson