WOWO 18 February 2021

After last week’s exhilarating debut by Jessica Brady, we are delighted to announce that Geraldine Renton will be highlighted this week. Geri, as we affectionately name her (to avoid mixing her up with our other Geraldine!) will present SHE – a very powerful contemporary poem.

Switching genres, she also takes a humorous look at the battle to lay down the ground rules for a recalcitrant canine in her piece entitled DOGGY STANDOFF. We look forward to these two pieces with the promise of many more to come in future sessions.

Once again, a huge debt of gratitude to Anne Murray who works away behind the scenes to help produce our wonderful videos.

This week, we have an abundance of new material. Thank you to our regular contributors and for the other members who write less frequently – you are the engine that keeps the Write-on vehicle motoring every week! If you haven’t written anything in recent weeks, now is the time to start. As you can see from the variety of topics listed below, the world is your oyster when it comes to things to write about. Settle on a topic and let’s see your name on the Menu for WOWO next week!

Here’s What’s On Write-on (WOWO) this week!

POEM: She by Geraldine Renton

POEM: Split Mind by Mary Faherty

POEM: Power by James Keogh

POEM: A Lover’s Day by Thomas MacMahon

POEM: A Lenten Journey by Nollaig O’Donnel

POEM: Cartoon Grandad by Frank Fahy

STORY: Doggy Standoff by Geraldine Renton

STORY: Bridie’s Weather Eye (Part 2) by Anne McManus

BALLAD: A presentation by Frank Fahy of THE CREMATION OF SAM MCGEE – Robert Service

BOOK COVER: A discussion about the Draft Cover for the new book GREEN, WHITE & GREY – herbs, science and outcome in Medicine by Dr Dilis Clare and Tim Morrissey.