WOWO 18 November 2021

What a wonderful selection of poems and texts for the upcoming meeting! It will offer particular enjoyment for the lovers of short stories. Like waiting for buses, we were expecting ONE to arrive, but this week we’re being spoilt with FOUR! Congratulations to all you creative writers!

We can welcome two guest contributors, who are offering a story and a poem. Welcome, Shauna and Colma. Our group is really going from strength to strength!

And there are magical poems too, in two languages!

In all the euphoria, don’t overlook the deadline for the next Mug Of The Month: it’s the coming Sunday, 21st November. The limit is fifty words of text or poem, and the key words that must be included (in any grammatical form) are: BELT and BRACE. Please send to:

Here, then, is our Programme for Thursday:

Story: Fall from Grace Geraldine Warren

Poem: Samhain Anne McManus

Poem: Overhead James Conway

Story: The Grand Piano Jutta Rosen

Poem: The Ghosts of Coole James Keogh

Story: Seeking Silence Frank Fahy

Story: Eugene’s Awakening Shauna Molloy

Poem: Solar Wind James Keogh

Poem: Slán le Berna Colma Nic Aodha Bhuí