WOWO 2 December 2021

Hard to believe we’re into December already and the year is drawing to a close! There’ll be three sessions this month, the last being on the 16th. Because of this early date, and since there are currently TWO holders of Mug of the Month, it was decided not to have a MOTM competition in December. Elizabeth and Jutta hold the trophy into the New Year!

There will be a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL on 16 December. Could we get everybody to contribute something? It can be old, new, used, rehashed …. Also, remember that family and friends can be invited to look in and enjoy the fun. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, 12 December.

For this Thursday we have a fine mix of poems and stories, as well as interesting background to Charlotte Brontë’s honeymoon in Ireland.

Presentations for December 2:

A WRITE-ON SPECIAL: Charlotte Brontë by Michael O’Dowd

POEM: Silence by Seamus Keogh

POEM: Little Voices by James Conway

POEM: Lost Words by Seamus Keogh

STORY: Charter Flight (revisited) by Anne McManus

STORY: Down Memory Lane by Anne Murray (work in progress)

STORY: 1916 by James Conway

Looking forward to an enjoyable and inspiring evening!