WOWO 20 April 2023

After our Easter break last week, we’re starting with a fine mix of genres. Mary Rose Tobins’s short story with its wonderfully ambiguous title promises intriguing listening. Frank Fahy has produced a revision of his short story ‘A Father’s Love’ – it would be interesting to see what changes he has made and their impact on the final draft. James Conway’s ‘Ennisdrum’ has been held over for some weeks now – we look forward to hearing it at long last.

A poem by Kathleen Phelan is always a guarantee of high quality, whileThomas MacMahon and Jutta Rosen’s poem brings up homely memories of past times.

Finally, memoirs are always popular: Elizabeth Hannon has written one for this time of the year. And Michael and Christine O’Dowd are presenting yet another of their beautiful, poetic songs – a wonderful achievement.

So be prepared for a lively and satisfying session on Thursday!

MOTM: The deadline for entries to our Mug of the Month competition is near – Sunday, 23 April. The key words to be included in the fifty-word text are NET and JUMP.

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Short Story The Dead Language Teacher Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story Ennisdrum James Conway

Short Story A Father’s Love Frank Fahy

Poem Metamorphosis Kathleen Phelan

Poem Ceol na Mara Thomas MacMahon and Jutta Rosen

Memoir All of an April Evening Elizabeth Hannon

Song My Mississippi Belle Michael & Christine O’Dowd