WOWO 20 January 2022

We have a full programme of presentations to look forward to this evening! After four poems, including two from new member Joe Naughton (Welcome!), there are SIX entries for the ‘Write-on Ring Challenge’ posed last week. Well done, all challengers! And finally two short stories to round off the evening.

We can look forward to a very entertaining session!


POEM: A Place for Hiding by James Conway

POEM: Words in Play by Joe Naughton

POEM: Cuckoo Eggs by Joe Naughton

POEM: Homeless Soul (revised) by Seamus Keogh

The Write-On Ring Challenge:

1. Go Lightly by Nollaig O’Donnell

2. The Mystery Ring by Mary Rose Tobin

3. The Engagement Ring by Jutta Rosen

4. The Secret Ring by Frank Fahy

5. Dead Ringer by Joe Naughton

6. The Ring by James Conway

SHORT STORY: The Stained Collar by Seamus Keogh

SHORT STORY: The Secret Me by Anne McManus

And last but not least:

Don’t forget that coming Sunday is the deadline for entering your Mug Of The Month texts, which must include the words DRINK and DROP, and not exceed 50 words (excluding the title).

Have fun!