WOWO 23 May 2024

A Bond Through Time by Mary Rose Tobin
Explore the depths of enduring friendship in Mary Rose Tobin’s touching short story, “A Bond Through Time.” Through vivid memories and poignant reflections, the narrative delves into themes of loss, resilience, and the intricate bonds that shape our lives.

The White Cliffs of Dover by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
Embark on a quest for freedom and self-discovery in “The White Cliffs of Dover.” Follow Candice as she leaves her home and boyfriend Max, navigating inner turmoil and ultimate realization. Deirdre Anne Gialamas masterfully captures themes of love, identity, and belonging through evocative descriptions.

A Delicate Bond by Mary Hawkshaw
Mary Hawkshaw’s introspective poem, “A Delicate Bond,” explores the fragile nature of love and truth. Through nuanced verses, she ponders the interplay between words and emotions, emphasizing the power of silence over empty promises.

Coming Home by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
In “Coming Home,” Deirdre Anne Gialamas tells the poignant story of an elderly couple returning to their homeland after fifty years abroad. Facing disappointment and isolation, their journey culminates in a somber reflection on belonging and the passage of time.

Writer’s Block by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
Experience the transformative journey of a struggling writer in the narrative poem, “Writer’s Block.” After a fire forces him to relocate, he finds hope and inspiration in a new environment, overcoming his creative block and rekindling his passion for writing.

Merry Masked Christmas by Deirdre Anne Gialamas
Reflect on the unique challenges of celebrating Christmas during a pandemic with “Merry Masked Christmas.” This timely poem emphasizes resilience and collective effort in combating COVID-19, urging readers to stay vigilant and hopeful for a safe and merry holiday season.

Join us for an enriching session filled with captivating stories and thought-provoking poetry. Let’s make this penultimate meeting a memorable one!