WOWO 24 February 2022

A highlight every month is the MOTM competition!

It’s Mug of the Month time again, and eight members have sent in poems/texts around the key words BROOM and SWEEP. Voting for the new holder of Mugsy will be carried out, as usual, via the Doodle system. This is how it works:

Anne Murray will WhatsApp this to everyone. Open it, enter your Write-On name, click on the circle next to the text of your choice, and then click on SEND.

Several of our members are working on novels, and this week three of them are scheduled to read from their manuscripts. Besides hearing their texts, we can also expect some discussion on diverse aspects of writing a longer text, such as character development, organising material with the help of Scrivener, research, and self-motivation!

A short story and a poem by James Conway are also scheduled, as well as a continuation of Frank’s analysis of the very short story by Chinese writer Lu Hsun.

Have an enjoyable and profitable evening!


Mug of the Month MOTM February 2022 – 8 entries:

Brush and Sweep by Seamus Keogh

Brush Stroke by Elizabeth Hannon

On Skellig Michael by Jutta Rosen

Out of Control by Mary Rose Toibin

Somewhere Beyond by Nollaig O’Donnell

Space Entrepreneurs by Celia Scully

Sweep and Brush by James Conway

The Tale of a Mouse by Frank Fahy

Novel The Stained Collar – Seamus Keogh

Novel A Normal Couple – Jutta Rosen

Novel Maggie O’Donnell – Geraldine Warren

Story The Dancer – James Conway

Poem Me and My Brush – Anne McManus

Poem Flamenco Dancers – James Conway

Classic Story Review An Incident – Lu Hsun – Frank Fahy