WOWO 1 December 2022

Poems and short stories set the trend for the coming Thursday’s session, with no fewer than six of the former and four of the latter from eight different authors. This, as well as a short story in progress, from which we will hear a further extract. The standard of writing continues to be of a remarkably high standard, so that we can expect a stimulating evening!

In addition, there will be a discussion on our newly designed website (thanks to Frank Fahy) – suggestions for further content and possible modifications are welcome. Comments and suggestions on the following issues will be welcomed:

How do we want the website to look? Do we want a static homepage? How many items do we need in the menu? Do we need to see all the WOWOs? Should we start with a ‘poem of the week’? Should we have presentations on the home page? …..

So please, everyone, before our session begins, have a critical look at the homepage so that we can optimize our door to the universe!

And finally: Members are being invited to contribute to the Write-On Christmas Special on 15 December. Planning this is also a topic for the evening’s agenda.


Poem The Marathon Brian Ferguson

Poem November James Conway

Poem The Annual Threat Kathleen Phelan

Poem The Rabbit Hole Celia Scully

Poem We remember (revised version) Brian Ferguson

Poem Father Browne James Conway

Extract Aunt Bibi (extract 3) Geraldine Warren

Short Story The Change Anne Murray

Short Story The New Arrival Frank Fahy

Short Story A Christmas Story Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story The Golden Couple Frank Fahy

Discussion Ideas for our New Look Website All Members

Planning Write-on Christmas Special All Members