WOWO 24 November 2022

This week brings a full agenda, which is opened with the popular Mug of the Month competition. The keywords WATCH and PLAN have inspired ten members to put fingertip to keyboard. It is always fascinating to see the wide diversity in themes which results when our writers respond to the given words.

Three further poems are on offer, as well as two short stories, so that we can expect another stimulating and intense session.


Mug of the Month:

  1. Christmas Magic Elizabeth Hannon
  2. Electrodes Kathleen Phelan
  3. Frankly Speaking Nollaig O’Donnell
  4. Little Birds James Conway
  5. Nature Trip Anne Murray
  6. Retired Mary Hodson
  7. Swinging Anne MacManus
  8. Watch and Plan Jutta Rosen
  9. Playing with Fire Frank Fahy
  10. A Loyal England Fan Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story The Alpine Air Frank Fahy

Short Story Gradual Reintroduction Brian Ferguson

Poem The Marathon Brian Ferguson

Poem Flood and Fire Richard O’Donnell

Poem A Question without an Answer Kathleen Phelan