WOWO 25 February 2021

The every popular MUG OF THE MONTH Competition is upon us once again. A spectacular line-up of entries, using the keywords TRACK and TRAIN, have been prepared for your entertainment.

Isn’t it amazing how two little words can spark the imagination? From these common keywords, a myriad of ideas have inspired our members once again to write about a diversity of topics.

Using the latest electronic voting technology, every Write-on member will be allowed ONE VOTE. (Of course, one is not allowed to vote for one’s own entry!) There are ten entries in total for the February competition. The holder of the trophy, ‘MUGSY’, is not allowed to win it two months in a row, so Mary Rose, with great reluctance will sit this one out and arrange to make a virtual presentation of the prized vessel to the February winner. Here is the a list of the entries:

MOTM 01 The Garden in Snow by Jutta Rosen

MOTM 02 Free Way by Nollaig O’Donnell

MOTM 03 Healing by Mary Faherty

MOTM 04 Twin Tracks by Jack Ryan

MOTM 05 Puncture by Anne Murray

MOTM 06 Space by Elizabeth Hannon

MOTM 07 Train on Track by Richard O’Donnell

MOTM 08 That Day by Anne McManus

MOTM 09 The Challenge by Geraldine Renton

MOTM 10 The Craic by James Keogh

After the excitement of Mug of the Month, we hope to have time for more poems, short stories, memories, or extracts from novels.

Here are some of the items you can expect:

POEM: Night Cry by James Keogh

POEM: Djouce by Thomas MacMahon

POEM: Special Daddy by Geraldine Renton

Short Story: The Birthday Present by Anne McManus

Short Story: My First Book by Frank Fahy

If time permits, we may get our first glimpse of the cover of Anne McManus’ new book THE SHORT STORY COLLECTION (working title). Yes. The deadline is fast approaching. Anne’s NEW BOOK will be published in early March 2021. This will be the SEVENTH Write-on Publication since we were founded in 2017.

Members can avail of a very special offer of all SIX previous publications for €30.00 (Publisher’s discount) including post and packaging, delivered straight to your door. To see a list of the titles and view the covers of these books, check under the heading PUBLICATIONS on this website.

Any of our members who have already availed of the discounted books, please write a short testimonial or review about your experience of getting the books delivered and I will post it here next week.

Please note that we have a new ZOOM reference number starting tonight. The number has been emailed to everyone and it is also on our WhatsApp Write-on Group Chat. This number will be in use for the coming weeks so it would be a good idea to store it in a safe place for easy reference every week.

Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight for what will be a pleasant and entertaining session! Good luck to all the Mugsy Contestants! May the best Mug win!