WOWO 25 March 2021

To begin with, CELEBRATION TIME!

The new Write-on publication A DAY FOR RED – A Collection of Short Stories by Anne McManus was published this week.

Drawing on her life experience in the West of Ireland and her fertile imagination, Anne brings us this sparkling collection which glitters with wit and wisdom. Between these covers you will find a potpourri of romance, love, infidelity, tragedy, comedy, betrayal and friendship, served up with a generous helping of quirky humour, personified in her marvellous character creations, Granny Margot and Bridie. This is a book for lovers of the short story form, which will reward the reader with fresh insights into the vagaries of the human condition.

We will begin our session tonight with a reading from the author.

It’s MUG OF THE MONTH TIME again. The KEYWORDS are TREAT and PLAN. This evening, we have seven entries. The reigning champion, Anne McManus, will present the coveted MUGSY to the winner after all the votes are counted.

The entries are:

MOTM 1 Best Laid Plans by Mary Faherty

MOTM 2 Freedom by Anne Murray

MOTM 3 Life in a Blink by Judith Davitt Geoghegan

MOTM 4 The Treat That Wasn’t by Celia Scully

MOTM 5 What Next? by Mary Rose Tobin

MOTM 6 The Good Life by Nollaig O’Donnell

MOTM 7 17th March 461 by Jutta Rosen

Readings by the authors of works in progress:

DRAFT POEM: A new draft poem by Thomas MacMahon

SCENE FROM NOVEL: Addiction To Murder by Frank Fahy

VIDEO PRESENTATION: Prism by Mary Faherty

VIDEO PRESENTATION: Breaking the Ice by Jutta Rosen