WOWO 25 November 2021

After the Short Story Session last week, we can look forward to a Poetry Session this Thursday. Starting with nine entries for MOTM, we’ll continue with poems that were originally scheduled for last week.

As usual, the DOODLE voting system for MOTM will be transmitted to your Smartphones, so keep them handy while watching the competition. Just type in your Write-On user name. The titles of the texts will appear in front of a circle which you can click to select your favourite item. Then don’t forget to send!

Mug of the Month

* Belt and Brace by Elizabeth Hannon

* Cop 26 by Mary Rose Tobin

* Frankenstein by James Conway

* Our Common Home by Richard O’Donnell

* The Master by James Keogh

*The Return by Jutta Rosen

* The Royal Albert Hall 1975 by Anne Murray

* The Tale of Bill and Ella by Nollaig O’Donnell

* Turbulence by Celia Scully


Poem: Samhain le Anne McManus

Poem: Solar Wind by James Keogh

Poem: Slán le Berna by Colma Nic Aodha Bhuí

Poem: Overhead by James Conway

Poem: The Ghosts of Coole by James Keogh