WOWO 27 May 2021

We reach our last Thursday of Zoom Sessions for the current season. A long summer break stretches out ahead of us. Time to recharge the batteries and to build up a store of writing for when we resume again towards the end of August.

At that stage we will be preparing for the launch of our two books A Day for Red by Anne McManus and The Write-on Anthology 2022. Friday 17 September 2021 is Culture Night and, once again, we are planning a spectacular evening of Short Stories, Poems and Memories as we launch the 7th and 8th books of our Write-on Series.

Before all of that, there is a tiny matter of The Mug of the Month Competition for May 2021 to be resolved. The keywords are FREE and DIRECT. The winner of this week’s event will get to keep Mugsy for the entire summer. Now, that is something worth contending for. Here are the entries:

MOTM 01 Free Advice by James Keogh

MOTM 02 Call to Art by Nollaig O’Donnell

MOTM 03 Covid 19 by Elizabeth Hannon

MOTM 04 Free At Last by Anne Murray

MOTM 05 Ryanair v Covid by Jutta Rosen

MOTM 06 Dream Vacation Ad! by Judith Davitt Geoghegan

MOTM 07 Fake News by Mary Rose Tobin

Other items will include:

POEM: Universe Without God by James Keogh

DISCUSSION: Preparing for Bloomsday Event on 16 June 2021