wowo 27 October 2022

‘Show Don’t Tell’:

Last week, we began a series of short writing exercises. Exercise 01 was about ‘show don’t tell‘. This week a further discussion will be initiated about this aspect of writing with examples of good practice.

Some writing exercises will be suggested and there will be an opportunity for questions and answers from all participants. It should be an interesting and informative session.

This Thursday, the last in the month, brings us the regular Mug of the Month Competition. With eight entries using the keywords MISS and LEAD, selecting the winner will be a tough job!

In addition, with poems by Celia Scully, fiction and non-fiction contributions by Frank Fahy and Michael O’Dowd, we can look forward to another full and fulfilling evening.



  1. Kindly Light Elizabeth Hannon
  2. Charity Dip Anne Murray
  3. Like Magnetic Stars James Conway
  4. This I leave Behind Nollaig O’Donnell
  5. Missionaries Frank Fahy
  6. Earth’s Cry Richard O’Donnell
  7. An Cailín Deas Marty Rose Tobin
  8. In the Clearing Jutta Rosen

HAIKUS: Three Haikus Celia Scully

SHORT STORY: The Beginning of the End Frank Fahy

POEM: Grandma’s Latest Assisted Living ‘Spin’ Celia Scully

NON-FICTION: Charlotte Brontë Honeymoon Video Michael O’Dowd

DISCUSSION: Further Exercises ‘Show Don’t Tell’ Frank Fahy