WOWO 29 April 2021

It’s our last meeting in the month of April and it’s MUG OF THE MONTH time once again. Who will carry off Mugsy into the first of the summer months? As the days of Lockdown seem numbered, perhaps the defending Champion, Nollaig, will be able to make the presentation in person before too long?

This month, the keywords were STOP and SHOP. There are nine contestants as follows:

MOTM 01 Kids Today by Elizabeth Hannon

MOTM 02 A Cottage Shop for Sale by Celia Scully

MOTM 03 Believe It Or Not? by Frank Fahy

MOTM 04 On Line Shopping by Anne Murray

MOTM 05 STOP … SHOP by Geraldine Warren

MOTM 06 Lollipop by James Keogh

MOTM 07 Consumer Confidence by Mary Rose Tobin

MOTM 08 New Media by Jutta Rosen

MOTM 09 One Stop Shop by Anne McManus

Good luck to all our contestants!

Saturday 1 May is the closing deadline for submitting articles to The Write-on Anthology 2022. Remember, all items that are displayed and discussed at our meetings are automatically considered for inclusion in the Anthology. Unfortunately, there is not room for every single piece and certain editorial judgements have to be made. We try to have a representative collection of interesting stories, poems, memoirs and songs, and to maintain the high standards that we have set ourselves down through the years.

We have six readings this week.

Story 01 Me and My Mirror by Elizabeth Hannon

Story 02: The Barred Window by Jutta Rosen

Poem 03 The Boat by Thomas MacMahon

Poem 04 (Limerick): Easing Restrictions by Anne Murray

Memoir 05: Memories of Racing by Frank Fahy

Poem 06: Warriors of Aran by James Keogh