WOWO 29 September 2022

Welcome to our first session after last Friday’s Culture Night. We can expect the Write-On Video, which showed examples of our work and introduced many of our members, to be an informal topic of comment and discussion in this night’s meeting. The number of viewings and likes (937 and 62 resp. at 8.30pm Wednesday 28th) are also an exciting issue, and an interim result that we can already be proud of.

In addition, last Friday saw the launch of our Anthology 2023 and Seamus Keogh’s collection of poetry, ‘Sisters’, and judging by the posted comments, sales of both can be expected to rise after the airing they received. Congratulations!

A main item on tonight’s agenda is the first Mug of the Month competition after the summer break, and with eleven entries we anticipate neck-to-neck voting! Will there be a clear winner?! Below is the list of poems and texts.

The subject of haikus was broached last week and will be continued this Thursday. And Brian Ó hÚrdail’s ‘Steppes Around Astana’, held over from two weeks ago, will, we hope, finally be presented!

We look forward to an exciting session!

Mug of the Month:

1 Barlach’s Hovering Angel Jutta Rosen

2 Dismantling a Dream Frank Fahy

3 Childbirth Celia Scully

4 False Teeth James Conway

5 Break the Mould Brian Ó hÚrdail

6 Food for Thought Anne McManus

7 Future Child Elizabeth Hannon

8 Leaving Cert Points Anne Murray

9 Meghan Geraldine Warren

10 Out of Control Mary Rose Tobin

11 The Can Can Seamus Keogh

Further topics/texts:

Haikus Various haikus Elisabeth, Nolaig, Jutta, Brian et al

Non-fiction Steppes around Astana Brian Ó hÚrdail

Enjoy yourselves!