WOWO 3 November 2022

After the close contest for Mug of the Month last week, this week sees a new challenge: What Happened on Tuesday? The Tuesday in question being the day before the Beatles’ teenager left home on ‘Wednesday morning at five o’clock’. Her parents had given her ‘everything money could buy’, so what made her leave? Answers were requested in the form of a text no longer than 2000 words, and the five entries will be presented tonight. An interesting challenge to look forward to!

Left over from last week is Michael O’Dowd’s video about Charlotte Brontë’s honeymoon. In addition we have three poems, including two by our new member Kathleen Phelan, a short story by Frank Fahy, and a follow-up to the popular new exercise on writing techniques.

We can look forward to an intensive, entertaining and instructive session.


Non-Fiction Charlotte Brontë Honeymoon – Video Michael O’Dowd

Challenge 1 The Sound of Silence Anne Murray

Challenge 2 Two Shillings Jutta Rosen

Challenge 3 Castledictat Kathleen Phelan

Challenge 4 What Happened on Tuesday Mary Hodson

Challenge 5 Far Away Hills Mary Rose Tobin

Poem End of the Yellow Brick Road Kathleen Phelan

Short Story The Story Snatcher Frank Fahy

Poem Workhouse Child Kathleen Phelan

Poem Like Magnetic Stars James Conway

Discussion Writing Exercise: ‘Character Development’ Frank Fahy