WOWO 30 March 2023

Once again it’s time for our popular MOTM competition. Eight contestants are vying for the honour of being called Mug Of The Month, with 50-word entries containing the key words BOX and RING. We look forward to a close vote – good luck to everyone!

Our programme continues with two short stories and six further poems, including two from new members. Welcome Emily and Alice!

In addition, there is a new song by Michael and Christine O’Dowd to add variety to our presentations.

And finally, the discussion on the new artistry software CHAT GPT4, begun last week, is being continued today. How can writers keep their individual profile with this new technology? A topic for the future!

A special word of thanks to Anne Murray – with so many contributions this week, she will have been very busy producing her wonderful background selections of pictures and frames for our texts. They are a superb enhancement of the presentations, producing a finish which is absolutely professional and of which we can all be proud. Thank you, Anne!


Mug of the Month:

  • Destiny Mary Hodson
  • Eviction Mary Rose Tobin
  • Me in a Box Seamus Keogh
  • Memory Box Elizabeth Hannon
  • My Memory Box Alice Irvine
  • Sting Frank Fahy
  • The Box Anne Murray
  • Ultra-terrestrial Hand? James Conway

Short Story Seville Oranges Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story Ennisdrum James Conway

Poem Metamorphosis Kathleen Phelan

Poem Friendship Thomas MacMahon

Poem Belfast Sky Alice Irvine

Poem Driving License Kathleen Phelan

Poem The Passing Year Elizabeth Hannon

Poem Wilting Point Emily Hanrahan

Song Mister Mercator Michael and Christine O’Dowd

Discussion CHAT GPT4 Open to all Members