WOWO 30 November 2023, 19.00-21.00 GMT

Once again it’s time for our popular Mug of the Month Competition: no more than fifty words (plus title) in any genre, which must inlcude two given words, which, this month, were LIKE and BOSS. All entries will be presented twice, and Thursday’s viewers will then vote for the winner, who will have the honour of giving the Mug a home until the next competition. (Winners cannot take part in the following month’s contest!) We look forward to the usual diversity of topics, styles and ideas, and to the excitement of the voting process to find this month’s Mug of the Month.

Frank Fahy is presenting a ‘long’ short story, which promises subtle hints and nuances early on to prepare the listener for a surprise ending. Concentration is obviously called for!

Relatively new member Alice Sheridan is also reading a short story with an intriguing title. Work by new members is always of particular interest!

Most of our members can look back on a good few decades of experience and life, so that a Memoir is always welcome material for rousing mutual memories. Elizabeth Hannon is adept at this type of writing, and we can expect an account which will touch everyone.

The topics of Kathleen Phelan’s wonderful poems range over all kinds of subjects, from descriptions of nature to a censure of the County Council. Issues of our times also feature in many of her verses. So we can only guess at the content of ‘Piecing It All Together’, and look forward to an entertaining and/or thoughtful few minutes.

Another relatively new member is Mary Hawkshaw, who has submitted her poem ‘My Earthly Ties’ this week. Needless to say, it will be received with great attention and good will.

Finally, we will also be including items from last week that were not presented for lack of time. Details about these will be added here later.

As usual, we wish all our viewers an enjoyable and profitable evening with Write-On on Thursday!


MOTM Competition with 13 Entries All Members

Short Story A Step Too Far Mary Hawkshaw

Poem Just a Lad Alice Sheridan

Poem Death in September Geraldine Warren

Short Story Paddy and the Snail Alice Sheridan

Short Story Seeking a Cure Frank Fahy

Memoir The Good Old Days Elizabeth Hannon

Poem Piecing it All Together Kathleen Phelan

Poem My Earthly Ties Mary Hawkshaw