WOWO 6 April 2023

This week sees a surge in Short Stories – some old and some new – from Mary Rose, James, Elizabeth, and Frank.

We have several new poems as well featuring Kathleen, Elizabeth, Ciara, Thomas, and Emily. The old Leaving Cert Question ‘COMPARE AND CONTRAST’ will be resurrected to discuss a set of poems. First, we will look at FRIENDSHIP and contrast it with WILTING POINT. Then we will compare THE PASSING YEAR with SUMMER SYMPHONY. How do the poets present similar or contrasting themes?

Song number 3 in the Quintet from Michael and Christine O’Dowd is called BLUER THAN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS. These songs are produced to the highest quality by the O’Dowd family and are a highlight of our weekly meetings.

Of course, the WOWO list is never complete until the session opens at 7pm on Thursday – there are usually some surprises in store.



Short Story Seville Oranges Mary Rose Tobin

Short Story Ennisdrum James Conway

Short Story Jimmy Brady Frank Fahy

Short Story A Fateful Meeting Elizabeth Hannon


Poem Metamorphosis Kathleen Phelan

Poem Friendship Thomas MacMahon

Poem Driving License Kathleen Phelan

Poem The Passing Year Elizabeth Hannon

Poem Wilting Point Emily Hanrahan

Poem Summer Symphony Ciara Keogh


Song Bluer than the Blue Ridge Mountain Michael and Christine O’Dowd