WOWO 6 May 2021

Mug of the Month Result

What a fantastic result last week! For the first time ever, our MUG OF THE MONTH award went overseas. Celia Scully, from Boise, Idaho, USA was the deserving winner. Her MOTM entry was A COTTAGE SHOP FOR SALE. Using the inspiration of our two keywords STOP and SHOP, she devised an intricate tale in 50 words to win the plaudits of the entire group. As it happens, in second place only one vote behind was our entry from Germany, NEW MEDIA by Jutta Rosen. Again, a well-crafted story told in 50 words about how a tattoo parlour has replace the old news agency in the neighbourhood. It never ceases to amaze how so much diversity and unique insights can be generated by the prompt of two simple words. Will there be an Irish winner this month? Or will the prize go abroad again? Now that Mugsy has had international acclaim, he might never want to come back!

Let’s see What’s On Write-on (WOWO) this week.


Poem: The Dapper Stevo by James Keogh

Poem: Amateur Dramatics by James Keogh

Poem: Snowdrops by Thomas MacMahon


Short Story: The Barred Window (Part 2) by Jutta Rosen


My Favourite Book, Short Story, Poem, Song, Memoir – members are invited to share their favourite piece of writing with the group. By reading extracts, we can highlight what it is that attracts us to a particular tale and it is hoped that by exploring the likes and dislikes of other people, we will uncover some hidden gems that we might have previously overlooked.

Already we have received extracts from various published pieces.

Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney Presented by Jack Ryan

Nell by Nell McCafferty Presented by Anne Murray

The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey Presented by Jutta Rosen

A Small Good Thing by Raymond Carver Presented by Frank Fahy

This promises to be an entertaining and worthwhile feature that we hope to repeat over the coming sessions. We may not get through all of our selections in one evening so those that are not read or discussed tonight will roll over to next week.

We have a wide and varied selection of pieces and we look forward to a lively exposition and discussion about each person’s choice of material.

See you all at 7pm in the usual Zoom meeting hall!