WOWO 7 April 2022

Welcome back, everyone! Our three-week break has ended. Here’s hoping it has produced not just refreshed minds, but also rich outputs of creative writing for our presentations!

From now on, we’ll be focussing on the publication of our Anthology 2023, due in September; its list of contents so far is up for discussion onThursday.

Left over from March is the Mug Of The Month competition, and the key words for April’s contest will also be announced.

We are already familiar with Seamus Keogh’s and Geraldine Warren’s novels-in-the-making, and look forward to new excerpts from these.

Finally, we’ll be enjoying two stories by Brian Ferguson and a poem by Celia Scully.


MUG OF THE MONTH – March 2022 – Keywords: Tear and Wind

Battlefields by Elizabeth Hannon

History by Jutta Rosen

Horror by Mary Rose Tobin

Why? by Anne Murray

Story What Time is it Now? by Brian Ferguson

Poem Words You Don’t Want To Hear by Celia Scully

Update on Novel The Stained Collar by Seamus Keogh

Update on Novel Maggie O’Donnell by Geraldine Warren

Story Emigre by Brian Ferguson

Anthology 2023 Review of Contents by All Members