WOWO 7 January 2021

Due to the tremendous literary output of Write-on group members, we already have enough material for 180 pages of the Write-on Anthology 2022. (Target = 256 pages) Competition for the remaining spaces in the publication will be fierce, so please send your stories, poems, songs and memoirs in as quickly as you can. Once this year’s Anthology is full, we will begin putting material aside for Anthology 2023.

What’s On Write-on (WOWO) for Thursday 7 January 2021

Poem: Tainted by Mary Faherty

Story: Mostly Frozen by Anne McManus

Story: TBC by Mary Rose Tobin

Poem: Delicate Kiss by Thomas MacMahon

Poem: Urn by James Keogh

Poem: After the Rain by Mary Faherty

Story: Turkeys Don’t Fly by Anne Murray

Plus more new stories and poems on the night.

Discussion: First Draft Table of Contents for Anthology 2022. Are there obvious omissions? Are there withdrawals? Proofreading arrangements?

Discussion: Making contact with Galway City Arts Office, Galway County Council and Arts Council of Ireland. A Write-on member is required to contact these bodies and to be responsible for other fund-raising opportunities.