WOWO 8 February 2024 7.00-9.00om GMT

Where would our Write-On sessions be without the input by our members, be it as presenters of the Website and Newsletter or the evening’s meeting, or as contributors of stories, poems, articles, songs! Everyone suffers from ‘dry’ periods now and again, and a constant flow of material cannot always be guaranteed. For this reason we are always glad of new members, eager to present their new and past works, and possibly also to participate in the running of the show! Or are we?! Do more new members mean more work for those behind the scenes? All this has been the topic of excited exchanges on our WhatsApp site recently, and we hope to discuss the various issues involved in writing/  presenting/ integrating new members this Thursday. As if to emphasise the theme above, three of our four contributions this week are ‘left-overs’ from last week’s list. But for all that they are all the more welcome.

A change of schedule is planned for next week: our usual Thursday session is being moved forward to Wednesday 14 February – Valentine’s Day. Please make a note of the date! Material suitable to this romantic and delicate occasion is more than welcome, be it song, poetry, memoirs or scandal of any kind!

We wish our members and viewers a lively and interesting evening!


Short StoryNew GirlsAnne McManus
Short StoryThe StormJoanne Dowling
Short StoryWorlds ApartJosephine McCann
PoemHysterectomyKathleen Phelan
PoemBig HairDeirdre Gialamas
DiscussionShould we take in new members or not?All Members
DiscussionWhy are people writing less this year?All Members