WOWO 9 December

As a writers’ group, part of our function is to WRITE! This week we will ask our participants to do just that. We will devote approximately ten minutes of our session just writing. So, have your writing implements to hand – notebooks, pencil and paper, quills, laptops, or mobile phones. Mary Rose has written an intriguing new story with the “working title” CHARITY SHOP. She will read her story at the session, but… just when you think she is reaching the denouement, she will stop. At this point, we will ask our participants to ‘GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?’ or ‘HOW WOULD YOU END THE STORY?’ We can have lots of fun exploring the different suggested endings and then will come the big reveal: How did Mary Rose finish her story?

We are spoiled for choice this week with so many contributions. We have a wonderful selection of stories, poems and songs to get us into the Festive Spirit.


Bill Geoghegan is working on a Write-on Christmas Song. Remember last year? We hope to do a collective recording of our new song for Christmas 2021 during the week.

Here’s What’s On Write-on (WOWO) for this week:

STORY: Charity Shop by Mary Rose Tobin (Write the ending exercise!)

STORY: Christmas Years by Elizabeth Hannon

STORY: An Irish Odyssey by Michael O’Dowd

POEM: All Around Me by James Conway

POEM: Samhain by Anne McManus

POEM: Curlew by Christine Kelley

SONG: Laura by Michael O’Dowd

SONG: Rathmullan Romance by The Pattersons

SONG: On Galway Bay by Michael O’Dowd (Cancer Care West Charity CD)