WOWO 9 November 2023

An Evening of Storytelling and Poetry

Join us on this vibrant November night as the Write-on community gathers for an engaging session filled with new literary pieces that promise to stir the soul and ignite the imagination. Here’s what we have in store for the evening:

Featured Stories

  • “The Mare” by James Berry
    Through Mártan Ó Ciardha’s narrative prowess, James Berry’s tale emerges from the shadows of history. Set against the stark aftermath of the Great Famine, this story weaves a connection through time, tethered by the voice of an ancestor and the echoes of survival.
  • “The Site” by Joanne Dowling
    Dowling’s piece offers a profound connection to the land, peeling back the soil of the present to reveal the rich history beneath. It’s a journey into the heart of heritage, where every layer holds a story waiting to be told.
  • “The Lady in the Blue Dress” by Mary Hodson
    A figure shrouded in the mystery of local legend steps forward in Hodson’s narrative. This story blurs the lines between the seen and the unseen, the known and the mysterious, compelling us to look closer at the whispers of folklore that color our existence.

Poetic Reflections

  • “Finding a Cure (Working title)” by Frank Fahy
    Fahy brings forth a piece that navigates the depths of human emotion and the quest for healing in a world that’s both beautiful and scarred by the trials of life.
  • “Scent of a Sinner” by Seamus Keogh
    In Keogh’s verses, we find a poignant examination of human frailty and the redemptive power of embracing one’s own imperfections.

Tonight’s Verse

  • “A Falling” by Mary Hawkshaw
    Hawkshaw captures the ephemeral nature of moments slipping through our fingers, urging readers to grasp the beauty of the transient.
  • “Talking to a Bird” by Mary Hawkshaw
    A dialogue between human and nature unfolds in this piece, where Hawkshaw reveals the wisdom and solace found in our feathered companions’ song.

A Gathering of Minds

Our session extends beyond the written word, as it’s also an evening of connection and discussion. We welcome the insightful commentary of our members and the shared joy of celebrating each new publication.

Special Announcement

We are especially excited for the upcoming reception in the Cuban Hotel to honour Mary Rose Tobin for her triumph at the Hanna Greally International Short Story Award—a milestone for both her and the Write-on community. The event starts at 3:00pm. It promises a symphony of words and melodies, with the accompanying talents of Grit Metsch and Bill Geoghegan, adding a harmonious backdrop to our festivities.

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Keep the Conversation Going

Remember, our Write-on sessions are a weekly affair, every Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm. Let’s continue to weave narratives and craft verses that resonate and remain, long after the evening ends.

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