WOWO April 14, 2022

With winter skulking off and spring in full sail, we can look forward to fresh episode of Write-On this Thursday evening. A really mixed bag is scheduled – a poem, chapters from growing novels, short stories, and perhaps – at last – an oft postponed discussion of the contents of our next anthology.

Have an enjoyable and profitable evening!

And don’t forget: the next MOTM is looming. The key words are SHOOT and STAND, and the closing date is April 24th.

Programme for April 14th:

Story: Chapter 2 by Joanne Dowling

Story: The Tell-Tale Gap by Brian Ferguson

Story: 1968 by James Conway

Poem: The Confirmation Knickers by Joan Toibin

Update on Novel: The Stained Collar by Seamus Keogh

Short Story: Notes from a Trip by Joyce Butcher

Anthology 2023: Review of Contents & Review Cover Options All members