WOWO April 21, 2022

After our short session last week, this Thursday we’ll be presenting the items which were not dealt with then, together with one new text.

Brian Ferguson‘s story is a detailed and loving account of a young boy flyfishing with his father, and learning about self-discipline while doing so.

Joyce Butcher from Australia went on a trip to Vegas and was ‘impressed’ by the different life-style there.

We’ve had several chapters from Seamus Keogh‘s novel ‘The Stained Collar’, and can look forward to a continuation of this exciting and graphic tale set during the Troubles.

Jutta Rosen‘s growing novel about a couple in Berlin during the Second World War reveals aspects of life which, sadly, are particularly relevant in these times.

Enjoy the evening!

And don’t forget:

MUG OF THE MONTH: The key words are SHOOT and STAND, and entries must be in by April 24th – that’s next Sunday!!!! Let’s see a burst of creativity as the summer recess appears on the horizon!


Short Story: The Tell-Tale Gap by Brian Ferguson

Report: Notes from a Trip by Joyce Butcher

Novel: The Stained Collar by Seamus Keogh

Novel: A Normal Couple by Jutta Rosen