WOWO April 28, 2022

After a decline before Easter, Mug of the Month is starting the new term with no less than ten entries! Congratulations to all participants. The titles show a beguiling wealth of topics around the words Stand and Shoot, and we can expect a close contest for the coveted Mug.

A further highlight for this evening, and a novelty, is Tony Monaghan’s reading of the first chapter of his novel ‘Swimming through Walls’. His book is being considered by publishers in London, and he is looking forward to comments and feedback from our group. In addition, he might provide some information on how he organises his writing.

Frank Fahy has resurfaced after his bout with Covid and come out a winner with a new short story. We look forward to hearing it.

Our two novelists, Seamus Keogh and Jutta Rosen, are offering further material from their books. They will welcome reactions – both positive and constructively critical – from other members of the group.

Welcome, everyone, to what promises to be an outstandingly lively and fulfilling evening.


Mug of the Month – Key Words: STAND and SHOOT

A Fanfare for Spring by Frank Fahy

So You Shoot? by Anne McManus

Our Common Home by Richard O’Donnell

Shoot and Stand by James Conway

Small Beginnings by Anne Murray

Social Skills by Mary Rose Toibin

The Last Note by Nollaig O’Donnell

The Green Little Shoots by Elizabeth Hannon

Three Men in a Tower by Joanne Dowling

Timeout! by Judith Geoghegan

Further Presentations:

Chapter 01: Swimming Through Walls by Tony Monaghan

Section One: New Short Story by Frank Fahy

Update on Novel: The Stained Collar by Seamus Keogh

Update on Novel: A Normal Couple by Jutta Rosen

Anthology 2023: Review of Contents by All Members